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What’s the Problem: A conversation with Matt Lovejoy on how LEI is trying to create more lean thinkers coming out of university

December 2, 2019

How do we create more Lean Thinkers? That is the problem we address in today’s podcast with Matt Lovejoy, Chairman of Lovejoy Industries and LEI board member. Matt - along with former LEI executive, John O’Donnell – is spearheading a new initiative: the James P Womack Scholarship and Philanthropy Fund.

The fund provides scholarships to students to fund hands-on problem-solving experience at charity organizations under the guidance of an LEI coach. The fund’s first partnership is with Oakland University in Michigan. Two of its star students, Monisha Vasudeva and Sagar Bajaj,  are learning and doing kaizen at Humble Design, a charity that ‘furnishes homes for families transitioning from homelessness.’

The problem they’re helping Humble Design solve is capacity. Currently, Humble Design is able to furnish homes for 3 families every week, but there is demand for 30. That’s a gap of 27 families they can help transition from homelessness every week. There are few more important problems worth solving! 

You can read about the progress the students have already made in a recently published article.

You can learn more about the James P Womack Scholarship and Philanthropy Fund at JPWFund.org, including how to donate and partner.


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