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Tailoring a Path to Lean Transformation

July 27, 2020

Over the past five years, the Lean Global Network’s Lean Healthcare Initiative has carried out extensive research in eight hospitals across five countries, and recently published the white paper, "5 Guiding Principles to Transform Healthcare." In this podcast, LEI Senior Coach and white paper co-author Alice Lee shares insights into the research conducted by this group of “tailors” (individuals who saw patterns and helped identify how to apply them). She expands on the five guiding principles they developed and explains how these insights were gleaned from healthcare organizations. The principles provide guidance for any chief architect in any organization looking for traction with their lean work.  

  • You can download a free copy of the paper here.  
  • Download a transcript of the conversation here

Learn from top healthcare leaders who are transforming their organizations through lean thinking and practice, including,

  • Lisa Yerian, MD, Chief Improvement Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and John Shook, senior advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute 
  • Kimberly Eng, Chief Operating Officer, Lynn Community Health Center, and Kiame Mahaniah, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Lynn Community Health Center 
  • Jack Billi, MD, Medical Director, Collaborative Quality Initiatives, and Professor of Medicine, Public Health, and Engineering, University of Michigan
  • Carlos Frederico Pinto, M.D. (aka Dr. Fred); CEO; Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV)

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