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Coachable: A Model Story, Coaching Work Improvement

January 27, 2020

January 27, 2020

Featuring: Deborah McGee and Bryant Sanders

As this series continues to explore the implications and dynamic of “coaching” in a business environment, Bryant Sanders models the mindset and techniques for coaching work improvement to develop people. Bryant draws on 26 years Toyota experience to facilitate his coaching techniques with a team in the field leading to a dramatic improvement in the work. He walks us through the story from deciding where to focus, to earning the team’s trust, facilitating reflection solidifying the what and the why and then leveraging one another’s strengths to upskill the team and eliminate difficulty and waste in the work. An excellent study in masterful coaching on the floor where the work happens.

We invite your thoughts and experiences about coaching and being coached: email your stories! pod@lean.org

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